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Tampa Special In-Duct Air Purifier Installation

$749.99 includes parts and installation.  Pricing may vary depending on complexity of installation.

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reme halo air purifier

Benefits of the REME HALO In-Duct Air Purifier

“Kills up to 99% Viruses. The newly redesigned and improved REME HALO® whole home in-duct air purification unit kills up to 99% of viruses, bacteria and mold. It is effective on three categories of indoor air pollutants: Particulates, Microbial and Gases.”

“Air purifiers are not a waste of money. and trips to the doctor to get relief from sinus and allergy symptoms, Comparatively, an air purifier is well worth the money. My guess is that most people just do not realize how well air purifiers really work these days.”

Standard Installation of one Reme-Halo is usually $1,100, however we  are offering 35% off on new installations.  The Reme has a five year warranty on the ballast, along with a one year labor warranty on the Reme Halo itself.


Your HVAC systems should be checked by a professional at least once a year. So if you have a standard central AC or a furnace, each of these units should be maintained, each year. If you have a heat pump system that you use year-round, then you’ll want to schedule this service once every 6 months.


Regular HVAC maintenance is said to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%. … Cut energy bills: Preventive maintenance helps ensure that your HVAC system runs at close to peak efficiency. This can mean savings of up to 30% on your energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.


“It also removes pollen, mold spores, dander, dust, MRSA, e-coli, and Norwalk. The following is a breakdown of the effectiveness of the REME HALO and its many uses: 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses are killed. … The technology was effective against the SARS virus in China.”

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